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Human resource (HR) is defined as an expression of an organizational belief in the employee element of that organization’s success. Human resources are purely used to implement a strategy to drive innovation, productivity and share price through encouraging the workforce toward excellence. Human resource is also referred to as human resource management (HRM) which is the process of hiring and developing employees.
Under management course, writing assignments on human resource concept is the most common exercise that students have to do. But human resource is not all about conducting job analysis or interviews and managing employees’ needs, it involves many factors, concepts and ideas. So it is advisable that you take human resource assignment help from experts.

Responsibilities of human resource (HR) department

Ability to meet business needs through managing valuable resources falls under the one of the primary responsibilities of human resource department. There are several HR disciplines or areas where the HR department has to perform numerous essential functions. Here is the list of the roles carried out by the human resource department:

Recruitment and Selection

The job responsibilities of HR department start with workforce HR planning. In this process, discussions about the kind of workforce and skills required take place.

Workforce Planning

The job responsibilities of HR department start with workforce HR planning. In this process, discussions about the kind of workforce and skills required take place.


It is all about how much to reward employees financially (salary, incentives, wages, etc). But it is more important than just a paycheck. Paying too much or too little can damage the organization position in the job market.

 Job Analysis

It is the core activity that HR department performs. Job analysis incorporates writing the job description, selecting the right applicant and career planning. These are critical among all activities.

 Training and Development

In this course, the HR team transforms employees from B grade players to A grade players. Training and development can turn poor employees into solid employees and good employees  to  great ones.

 Industrial Relations/Employee Relations

This is a modern addition to HR functions. Under this title, HR has to provide advice on employee legislation, draft and consult on policies and manage risk.

 Organizational Development/Change Management

The HR department has to plan the progress. It is about rough challenges and changing the course completely to overcome the challenges and adapt to new opportunities.


Every human resource department, be it a small or big organization, faces some crucial challenges while developing strategy and action to make the organizations work culture popular. Here are few significant challenges the HR department counters while performing their duties:

Employee management

Retaining good employees is the primary source of trouble that every HR department faces. It is the responsibility of HR department to create a strategic plan that ensures employee’s satisfaction, great compensation and benefits. HR planning also prepares assignments that continually challenge employees skills and aptitude.

 Compensations and benefits

The HR department and finance leaders of an organization draft the budget plans for employee compensation and benefits. The human resource team determines where an organization stands in term of applicants and employees perspective. There are employers who pay competitive wages and standard benefits and others offer high wages and outstanding benefits.

 Diversity management

Workplace diversity has gone far beyond the simplest definition of race, color, sex, national origin and regional. Now diversity includes attributes related to work style, generation, communication and language. The HR department needs to understand the motives of individual employees in a diverse workplace in order to make them more efficient.

 Talent management

It refers to recruitment and selection, performance management and sustaining a workforce to maintain the position in competition. Under talent management, the HR department faces a labor shortage such as the situation when employees do not meet organizational expectations.

 HR outsourcing

The HR practitioners have to determine whether to outsource human resource functions or develop in-house expertise. This is one of the challenges that HR leaders constantly encounter. They have to decide between the options, the firms that offer HR services at lower costs or the salaries of in-house HR specialist. This decision does have an impact on the workforce and quality of services to employees.


Even small organizations now hire HR manager in order to place their organization in more manageable position. The job roles of HR team vary from one organization to another. In mid-size corporations, the HR managers are responsible for managing sales team, but in big organizations, complexity of the duties extend. Here is the list of the requirement that employers seek in HR managers:

  • Strong communications skills, highly ethical and motivated
  • Compassionate and organized
  • Knowledge of labor laws, motivational psychology, recruiting strategies and compensation structure
  • Ability to provide right directions to complex employees
  • Possess the knowledge of taking disciplinary actions in the right place


Here are typical career paths that students want to pursue:

  • Human resource management
  • Human resources generalist
  • Recruiter and talent acquisition
  • HR training and development
  • HR coordinator
  • HR benefits specialist
  • Dispute resolution specialist

Students can choose according to their interest and capability.


Graduate and diploma students of management are often asked to write on hr planning assignment . Students need to remember that professors and tutors do not appreciate any mediocre level work. They have to deliver high quality work in order to match the professors expectations. Here are the major complications that students counter during the course of human resource assignmentwriting:

  • The students need to strictly follow the given regulations and guidelines
  • Assignment should not reflect any deviation and inaccurate information. The students have to always cross-check the facts before using it in writing
  • Selecting topics often brings depression and tension to students. Most of the time, they feel confused among the choices.
  • Compiling assignment in one place can be difficult. The students need to review their notes and references in a perfect manner so that they do not miss anything.
  • Students are always facing time crunch. Deadlines are most feared by students. With limitation of time, students rush through the task and end up with poor quality work.

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